You will enjoy a challenging and satisfying career working for the ACT Audit Office; including flexible working arrangements, training and development opportunities, and support with further study and professional memberships.

These benefits include:

Learning and Development Program

We will facilitate your continuous career development through: Performance Development Plans; providing regular feedback and supporting you in undertaking further study and training relevant to your work with us.

Experience a robust individual career development program to extend your skills, with support provided for professional qualification such as CA, CPA, CISA and other relevant qualifications.

Work Life Balance

The ACT Audit Office recognises and supports staff to balance work and outside interests and commitments. We have a range of flexible working arrangements that can be tailored to suit both your personal needs and those of the Office.

Social Activities

Our social club organises voluntary group activities to celebrate key events, festivities and achievement of milestones. These gatherings are designed to help you to get to know your work colleagues in a relaxed and friendly setting, and promoting diversity in the workplace.