ACT Audit Office

ACT Audit Office was established to assist the Auditor-General’s work, including conducting financial and performance audits. The three operational areas of the Office are; Financial Audits; Performance Audits; and Professional Services.

The ACT Audit Office comprises around 40 people including auditors and staff who provide services such as administration, financial management, reporting, human resources management, technical research, quality assurance and ICT support. See the corporate structure diagram for more detail.

Our Vision, Role and Values

The ACT Audit Office’s  Strategic Plan sets out the vision, role, and values of the Audit Office and defines its objectives.

Our vision is 'an accountable and highly performing ACT Public Sector'.

Our role is to:

  • provide an independent view to the ACT Legislative Assembly and the community on the accountability, efficiency and effectiveness of the ACT Public Sector;
  • foster accountability in the public administration of the Territory; and
  • promote the efficiency and effectiveness of public services and programs provided by the Territory.

Our values which guide the Audit Office’s work and the behaviour of our staff include:

  • independence – impartial and evidence-based reporting is our most powerful influence;
  • integrity – we are honest, truthful and fair;
  • professionalism – we fulfil our obligations;
  • respect – we seek to understand and be trusted by our stakeholders; and
  • learning and innovation – we strive to realise our full potential.

These values align with those of the ACT Public Service; a difference arises due to the Audit Office's core value of independence which takes precedence over the ACT Public Service value of collaboration. However, the Audit Office uses collaborative approaches in undertaking its work and attention is given to doing this within the context of the Audit Office's independence.