About Us

The current Auditor-General is Mr Michael Harris B.Ec

The Auditor-General heads the ACT Audit Office and operates independently of government and reports directly to the ACT Legislative Assembly. The main functions and powers of the Auditor-General are set out in the Auditor-General Act 1996.

The Auditor-General is legally empowered to decide when and how audits are carried out and on the priority given to any matter.

The Auditor-General conducts independent financial and performance audits on ACT Government agencies and those entities in receipt of ACT Government funding or resources. The results of these audits are reported to the ACT Legislative Assembly and community. These audits are an important means of holding agencies and entities to account and encouraging them to continuously improve their services and activities.

The Auditor-General also performs other activities such as:

  • providing advice and briefings to ACT Legislative Assembly committees and ACT Government agencies
  • responding to representations by ACT Legislative Assembly members and the community
  • receiving public interest disclosures under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012

The ACT Audit Office supports the Auditor-General in performing these functions.

ACT Auditor-Generals to date:

  • Mr Michael Harris 2019 - 2026
  • Dr Maxine Cooper: 2011 - 2018
  • Ms Tu Pham PSM: 2004 - 2011
  • Mr John Parkinson: 1992  - 2003
  • Mr James O'Neill AO: 1990 - 1992