Audit Reports - Published prior to 2016

Financial Audit Reports and Performance Audit Reports published prior to 2016 are provided below.

Audit Reports published in 2015

  1. Debt Management (1,706KB), Media Release (103KB)
  2. The Rehabilitation of male detainees at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (2,400KB), Media Release (154KB)
  3. Restoration of the Lower Cotter Catchment (3,851KB), Media Release (172KB)
  4. ACT Government support of the University of Canberra for affordable student accommodation (1,907KB), Media Release (89KB)
  5. Integrity of Data in the Health Directorate (2,470KB), Media Release (209KB)
  6. Bulk Water Alliance (2,161KB), Media Release (229KB)
  7. Sale of ACTTAB (2,323KB), Media Release (480KB)
  8. Public Transport: The Frequent Network (2,472KB), Media Release (614KB)
  9. 2014-15 Financial Audits (1,759KB), Media Release (256KB)

Audit Reports published in 2014

  1. Speed Cameras in the ACT (2,171KB), Media Release (319KB)
  2. The Water and Sewerage Pricing Process (1,839KB), Media Release (942KB)
  3. Single Dwelling Development Assessments (2,137KB), Media Release (91KB)
  4. Gastroenterology and Hepatology Unit, Canberra Hospital (2,076KB), Media Release (394KB)
  5. Capital Works Reporting (611KB, Media Release (328KB)
  6. ACT Audit Office Annual Report 2013-14 (6,680KB)
  7. 2013-14 Financial Audits (2,354KB), Media Release (116KB)

Audit Reports published in 2013

  1. Care and Protection System (1,548KB), Media Release (329KB)
  2. Executive Remuneration Disclosed in ACTEW Corporation Limited's 2010-11 Financial Statements and Annual Report 2011 (1,062KB), Media Release (377KB)
  3. ACT Government Parking Operations (1,197KB), Media Release (145KB)
  4. National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (1,313KB), Media Release (417KB)
  5. Bushfire Preparedness (3,749KB), Media Release (429KB)
  6. 2012-13 Financial Audits (2,426KB), Media Release (301KB)
  7. Management of Funding for Community Services (1,189KB), Media Release (286KB)

Audit Reports published in 2012

  1. Monitoring and minimising harm caused by problem gambling in the ACT (1,177KB), Media Release (128KB)
  2. Whole-of-Government ICT Security Management and Services (1,103KB), Media Release (111KB)
  3. Early Childhood Schooling (1,440KB), Media Release (122KB)
  4. Development Application and Approval System for High Density Residential and Commercial Developments (1,284KB), Media Release (544KB)
  5. Management of Recycling Estates and E-waste (2,304KB), Media Release (5,978KB)
  6. Emergency Department Performance Information (1,443KB), Media Release (279KB)
  7. ACT Public Service Recruitment Practices (1,127KB), Media Release (550KB)
  8. Grants of Legal Assistance (1,271KB), Media Release (188KB)
  9. 2011-12 Financial Audits (1,304KB), Media Release (133KB)

Audit Reports published in 2011

  1. Waiting Lists for Elective Surgery and Medical Treatment (1,209KB), Media Release (45KB)
  2. Residential Land Supply and Development in the ACT (1,166KB), Media Release (62KB)
  3. North Weston Pond Project (5,276KB), Media Release (41KB)
  4. 2010-11 Financial Audits (983KB), Media Release (153KB)
  5. Management of Food Safety in the ACT (1,429KB), Media Release (478KB)

Audit Reports published in 2010

  1. Performance Reporting (493KB), Media Release (52KB)
  2. Student Support Services for Public High Schools (318KB), Media Release (44KB)
  3. Delivery of Budget Initiatives (321KB), Media Release (43KB)
  4. Water Demand Management Administration of Selected Initiatives (494KB), Media Release (62KB)
  5. Delivery of ACTION Bus Services (1,834KB), Media Release (65KB)
  6. Management of Feedback and Complaints (273KB), Media Release (45KB)
  7. Delivery of Mental Health Services to Older Persons (478KB), Media Release (57KB)
  8. Follow-up Audit-Courts Administration (863KB), Media Release (232KB)
  9. 2009-2010 Financial Audits (774KB), Media Release (34KB)

Audit Reports published in 2009

  1. Road Projects: Fairbairn Avenue Upgrade and Horse Park Drive (575KB), Media Release (67KB)
  2. Follow-up Audit: Implementation of Audit Recommendations on Road Safety (217KB), Media Release (55KB)
  3. Management of Respite Care (555KB), Media Release (84KB)
  4. Delivery of Ambulance Services to the ACT Community (481KB), Media Release (52KB)
  5. Administration of employment issues for staff of Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly (281KB), Media Release (60KB)
  6. Government Office Accommodation (631KB), Media Release (57KB)
  7. 2008-09 Financial Audits (760KB), Media Release (33KB)

Audit Reports published in 2008

  1. Chris21 Human Resource Management System Procurement and Implementation (462KB), Media Release (54KB)
  2. Management of Calvary Hospital Agreements (1,842KB), Media Release (65KB)
  3. Records Management in ACT Government Agencies (407KB), Media Release (57KB)
  4. Maintenance of Public Housing (461KB), Media Release (54KB)
  5. Administration of the Freedom of Information Act 1989 (464KB), Media Release (62KB)
  6. Proposal for a Gas-Fired Power Station and Data Centre - Site Selection Process (379KB), Media Release (63KB)
  7. 2007-08 Financial Audits (757KB), Media Release (33KB)

Audit Reports published in 2007

  1. Credit Card Use Hospitality and Sponsorship (363KB), Media Release (49KB)
  2. Follow up audit - Agency Implementation of Audit Recommendations (402KB), Media Release (52KB)
  3. Collection of Fees and Fines (395KB), Media Release (86KB)
  4. Regulation of ACT Liquor Licences (513KB), Media Release (58KB)
  5. The FireLink Project (452KB), Media Release (54KB)
  6. The Aged Care Assessment Program and the Home and Community Care Program (664KB), Media Release (70KB)
  7. 2006-07 Financial Audits (770KB), Media Release (39KB)

Audit Reports published in 2006

  1. Regulation of Charitable Collections and Incorporated Associations (90KB), Media Release (33KB)
  2. Public Housing (905KB), Media Release (34KB)
  3. Management of Trust Moneys and Other Non-public Moneys (444KB), Media Release (49KB)
  4. Road Safety (408KB), Media Release (49KB)
  5. Rhodium Asset Solutions Limited (930KB), Media Release (155KB)
  6. Vocational Education and Training (809KB), Media Release (46KB)
  7. Sale of Block 8 Section 48 Fyshwick (1,414KB), Media Release (58KB)
  8. 2005-06 Financial Audits (1,926KB), Media Release (53KB)

Audit Reports published in 2005

  1. Management of Government Grants to the ACT Multicultural Council Inc (359KB)
  2. Development Application and Approval Process (633KB)
  3. Reporting on Ecologically Sustainable Development (623KB)
  4. Courts Administration (856KB)
  5. Government Procurement (1,104KB)
  6. 2004-05 Financial Audits (862KB)

Audit Reports published in 2004

  1. Administration of Policing Services (575KB)
  2. Travel Arrangements and Expenses (530KB)
  3. Revenue Estimates in Budget Papers 2002-03 (904KB)
  4. Data Reliability for Reporting on the ACT 'No Waste by 2010' Strategy (577KB)
  5. Leave Management (462KB)
  6. Workers' Compensation Supplementation Fund (516KB)
  7. Waiting Lists for Elective Surgery and Medical Treatment (803KB)
  8. Administration and Monitoring of Youth Service Contracts (516KB)
  9. 2004 - 2003-04 Financial Audits (1,906KB)

Audit Reports published in 2003

  1. Effectiveness of Annual Reporting (421KB)
  2. Belconnen Indoor Aquatic Leisure Centre (143KB)
  3. Emergency Services (769KB)
  4. Management of Fraud and Corruption Prevention in the ACT Public Sector (725KB)
  5. Lease of FAI House (81KB)
  6. Allegations of Financial Mismanagement University of Canberra Union (92KB)
  7. Compliance Performance Audit - Recruitment Processes (172KB)
  8. Financial Incentive Package for Fujitsu Australia Ltd (FAL) (195KB)

Audit Reports published in 2002

  1. Special Purpose Review of Part of the Commission of Audit Report on the State of the Territory's Finances at 31 October 2001 (683KB)
  2. Operation of the Public Access to Government Contracts Act (562KB)
  3. Governance Arrangements of Selected Statutory Authorities (469KB)
  4. Frameworks for Internal Auditing in Territory Agencies (449KB)
  5. V8 Car Races in Canberra - Costs and Benefits (705KB)
  6. Financial Audits with Years Ending to 30 June 2002 (1,256KB)

Audit Reports published in 2001

  1. Financial Audits with Years Ending to 30 June 2000 (741KB)
  2. Enhancing Professionalism and Accountability (319KB)
  3. Market Research and Marketing (Second Report) (90KB)
  4. Peer-Based Drug Support Services Tender - 1998 (122KB)
  5. The Administration of Payroll Tax (130KB)
  6. Managing Canberra Urban Parks and Open Spaces (189KB)
  7. Canberra Tourism and Events Corporation - Relocation to Brindabella Business Park (237KB)
  8. Agents Board - Financial Administration of Training Grant Program (125KB)
  9. Corrective Services - Review of Certain Allegations (80KB)
  10. Financial Audits with Years Ending to 30 June 2001 (1,169KB)
  11. The Freedom of Information Act (624KB)

Audit Reports published in 2000

  1. Bruce Stadium Redevelopment - Summary Report (656KB)
  2. Bruce Stadium Redevelopment - Value for money (195KB)
  3. Bruce Stadium Redevelopment - Costs and Benefits (400KB)
  4. Bruce Stadium Redevelopment - Decision to Redevelop the Stadium (275KB)
  5. Bruce Stadium Redevelopment - Selection of the Project Manager (328KB)
  6. Bruce Stadium Redevelopment - Financing Arrangements (280KB)
  7. Bruce Stadium Redevelopment - Stadium Financial Model (283KB)
  8. Bruce Stadium Redevelopment - Actual Costs and Cost Estimates (246KB)
  9. Bruce Stadium Redevelopment - Market Research and Marketing (109KB)
  10. Bruce Stadium Redevelopment - Stadium Hiring Agreements (142KB)
  11. Bruce Stadium Redevelopment - Lawfulness of Expenditure (564KB)
  12. Bruce Stadium Redevelopment - Governance and Management (352KB)

Audit Reports published in 1999

  1. Stamp Duty on Motor Vehicle Registrations (101KB)
  2. The Management of Year 2000 Risks (583KB)
  3. Financial Audits With Years Ending to 30 June 1999 (646KB)

Audit Reports published in 1998

  1. Management of Preschool Education (192KB)
  2. Lease Variation Charges - Follow up Review (79KB)
  3. Major IT Projects - Follow up Review (75KB)
  4. Management of Housing Assistance (209KB)
  5. Assembly Members' Superannuation and Severance Payments to Former Members' Staffers (54KB)
  6. Magistrates Court Bail Processes (71KB)
  7. Territory Operating Losses and Financial Position (130KB)
  8. Financial Audits with Years Ending To 30 June 1998 (496KB)
  9. Management of Schools Repairs and Maintenance (206KB)
  10. Overtime Payment to A Former Legislative Assembly Members' Staffer (70KB)

Audit Reports published in 1997

  1. Road and Streetlight Maintenance (216KB)
  2. 1995-96 Territory Operating Loss (80KB)
  3. ACT Public Hospitals - Same Day Admissions (51KB)
  4. The Canberra Hospital Management's Salaried Specialists Private Practice (180KB)
  5. ACT Community Care - Disability Program and Community Nursing (96KB)
  6. Salaried Specialists' Use of Private Practice Privileges (187KB)
  7. Fleet Leasing Arrangements (166KB)
  8. Public Interest Disclosures - Lease Variation Charges and Corrective Services (100KB)
  9. Management of Nursing Services (141KB)

Audit Reports published in 1996

  1. Legislative Assembly Members - Superannuation Payments - Members' Staff - Allowances and Severance Payments (61KB)
  2. 1995 Taxi Plates Auction (75KB)
  3. VMO Contracts (47KB)
  4. Land Joint Ventures (154KB)
  5. Management of Former Sheep Dip Sites (156KB)
  6. Collection of Court Fines (85KB)
  7. Australian International Hotel School (308KB)
  8. ACT Cultural Development Funding Program (88KB)
  9. Impact of 1994 Housing Review (62KB)

Audit Reports published in 1995

  1. Government Secondary Colleges (203KB)
  2. Contract for Collection of Domestic Garbage - Non-Salary Entitlements for Senior Government Officers (150KB)
  3. Financial Audits With Years Ending to 30 June 1995 (270KB)